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smart home and smart thermostat alternative!

As featured on cNET!
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transforms any smartphone
how does it work?

BEMO° turns android and iOS devices into a SMART thermostat alternative with smart home features.

remove your old thermostat
then connect BEMO° to any smart phone

BEMO° includes our patent pending hardware, universal mount and everything needed to INSTALL!

kick your old thermostat to the curb!

hello I am BEMO°

BEMO° transforms your new or used smartphone into a SMART thermostat alternative with SMART home features.

Smart Heating and A/C Control

Saves you $$ by reducing energy use

Full HD Touchscreen

Voice Controls *

Panic Feature calls 911

Developers can leverage our cellular, wi-fi and SMS connectivity

Customizable looks and programming for your comfort and SAFETY.

future - smart tag notifications

future - home security and home automation

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look I am easy to install

REMOVE your old single purpose thermostat

CONNECT BEMO° to your heating and A/C system

Attach your OLD (or new) smart device. Any Android, iOS or Windows based smartphone. You can purchase our bundle or use your own existing equipment and save $$

REPEAT often and tell your friends. We are free and open source just like Firefox and Wordpress

Personalize Your System
1080p HD Themes, Voice and Touchscreen

BEMO° runs in our open source environment which is modeled after both Mozilla Firefox and Wordpress ecosystems. From Grannies to kids...from tech gurus to fashionistas...BEMO° has something for everyone.

Full HD themes and custom UIs

BEMO° + smartphones revolutionize your home

BEMO° REPLACES your thermostat with a SMARTER DEVICE! Want to listen to music? Need to check the weather? BEMO° does it all. BEMO° uses all the technology built into your smartphone providing you with 24/7/365 wi-fi, cellular and SMS connectivity as well as full battery backup.

With your help and support, BEMO° can eventually manage your entire electrical system including your connection to the national power grid and your distributed solar PV array in the future.

Climate Control, Music Player, Smart Home System
BEMO° Climate Control features

BEMO° is an industry game changer!

BEMO° was inspired by the open source work of Mozilla Firefox and Automattic, Inc. [ Wordpress], as well as Markus “Notch” Persson & Mojang.


Our goal is to provide a thriving, open source community and framework allowing you to MANAGE, MONITOR and MAINTAIN your home, A/C, climate control or energy management systems using YOUR existing technology that YOU already own. Saving you time and money, making the world more energy efficient, sustainable and most importantly giving you peace of mind, trust and safety.

smartphones revolutionized phones
BEMO° ++ smartphones will revolutionize your home !

BEMO° runs on the android and iOS devices you already know how to use. You can access your home controls thru BEMO° from other smartphones, ipads or anything that runs a modern browser.
As seen in:

cnet bemo smart thermostat
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makes all thermostats obsolete!

BEMO° transforms smartphones into asmart thermostat with home automation features

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use less electricity

BEMO HVAC Controller
BEMO Climate Control Features


smart thermostat alternative with free open source software (think wordpress and firefox)

BEMO° gives you an open source alternative to smart thermostats and energy control systems. Some say it's the andriod of smart thermostats or the firefox of smart home automation. Our software will be available to download FREE and runs on any Android, iPhone, iPad or Windows based smartphones. **

BEMO gold UI & iOS Android App

code widgets
to do smart things!

Developers and manufacturers can leverage our 24/7/365 wireless, SMS and cellular connectivity to do awesome things! Better than any thermostat, BEMO° could potentially manage your entire home electrical system(s) and home automation from one simple device YOU ALREADY OWN. Stunning full HD themes and touch screen UIs complete the user experience.

BEMO Android App

smart home transformation for smartphones

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[ * requires Android or iOS host device with speech recognition ]
[ ** requires WISE enabled hardware ]